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The Frame House

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A visit to remember. Our summer residence is our dream house. A place and moment in time which takes away the focus from our regluar daily life. Where nature and dreams merge.

Situated 10 minutes walk from the North Sea in Thy National Park overlooking the Lake.

The Frame house has a distinctive wedge-shaped profile, politely turning its back on the road and houses next door.

The Frame House perfectly frames the nature which sometimes includes deer, herons or just a totally magnificent sunset or sunrise. We are so lucky that the northern facing windows can display both the early sunrise and the late sunset. 

Take a shower in the bathroom and look up. The rooftop window in the showers dramatically framing the ever changing  picture, with clouds wandering across the sky. 

Direct access to the nature, from any room in the house. Waking up just 10 meters from the lake or with a view of the water and the dyke feels like being one with the nature. A place to have fun, reset and just enjoy each other.

House info

  • Town/Region: Agger, 7770 Vestervig Denmark

  • Name: The Frame House

  • Scenery: Lake view 

  • Accommodation: House

  • Total size of the house is 143 m2.

  • Number of guests: 6 adults and 2 kids, write us if other needs

  • Architecture: Modern

  • Completed: 2023

  • Design: Søren Sarup, DK-Aarhus


  • High season: 2800 EUR/week:
    Last week of June, July, August, first week of September + Christmas, New years and Easter.

  • Mid season: 1500 EUR/week:
    April, May, June, September, October, Easter.

  • Low season: 1000 EUR/week:
    November, December (except Christmas and New Years); January, February, March (except Easter)

  • Low season two person stay: 800 EUR/week

  • Mandatory final cleaning: 200 EUR

  • Consumption of electricity 0,50 EUR/kWh

  • Consumption of water 13 EUR / 1000 Liters

The prices include all taxes.


Please go to the contact and booking formular or write us an e-mail at with the following information:

  • Full name

  • Home address

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • How many guests (kids and adults)

  • The preferred time span

  • If you wish to bring pets

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