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About us....

We are a family of 5, Anna & Allan and three great and playful kids. Two boys and a girl.


We have our everyday live just north of Copenhagen. Allan was born and raised in Copenhagen while Anna was born and raised just 10 min from Agger. 

Annas relatives still lives close to Agger and we have always enjoyed spending time in the area, and taking a breath from our everyday live, in a place where we can enjoy the nature. 

The distance between Copenhagen and the summerhouse is +4 hours and therefore we don't go that often. So we decided to give others the opportunity to experience what we appreciate so much.

We have invested a lot of time and soul in our summerhouse. It means a lot to us if our guests will treat it properly so we can offer all our guests a unique experience. We are here for you if you need any help.

What others say about the house....

"The best part is to wake up in the morning overlooking the lake and feeling like I have been sleeping outside in the nature. It doesn't get any closer. It is simply amazing"  (Swiss family)

"We arrived safely half an hour ago and find your house even more beautiful than we imagined. So many wonderful details – and so much attentive and precise craftsmanship in the architecture, the wooden fittings and the bathrooms!" (Germany family)

There is 244 sq km of rough nature by then north sea, where it is just me and the family, walking between the sand dunes at the sea, or getting lost in the forrest. Just appreciating the nature which is completely unspoiled, without interruption from everyday life" (German family)

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